HIRATA provides Global Manufacturing Engineering Technology and Manufacturing Equipment Services
Constantly challenging and breaking through the limits of engineering and technological innovation.

About Hirata

For 66 years, we have continued to challenge and have been breaking through the limits of innovative engineering technology.

Hirata-World Class Manufacturing Equipment Supplier Hirata provides manufacturing equipment and relative engineering technology to manufacturers of various industries, for instance, the car industry, semiconductor industry, and home electronics industry. Since our establishment in 1951, we have accumulated experiences in manufacturing equipment of different industrial fields. The fast accumulation of these experiences has helped us to gain a great advantage in production. These advantages include providing solution proposals, designing, producing, and operating our products, and after-sales technical support. Hirata has earned the trust of many top industrial and technology companies with our manufacturing process and our innovative technology. Our regular clients in Taiwan are listed in the following but not limited to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), ASE Group, United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), AU Optronics Corporation (AUO), INNOLUX, SPIL, and XINTEC.

We have always been proud of our commitment to manufacturing simple and highly user-friendly products. Situating in the manufacturing industry where technology is rapidly improving, we have continued to strive for the newest technological innovation in order to meet our clients' different demands. "Respecting humanity" is the core principle when designing and manufacturing our products. Hirata hopes to free our clients from performing trivial work through our highly automatic machines and allow more people to have the freedom to create more valuable things.

Hirata provides services in more than 40 countries. Taiwan Hirata, as one of the subsidiary companies, was established in 2006. Taiwan Hirata is in charge of various manufacturing equipment and the production and selling of FPD-related manufacturing and transporting equipment. Taiwan Hirata inherited the parent company's history and experiences and continues to advance its outstanding technology. Operating with the belief of "Made in Taiwan with Japanese Quality" and providing our products with localized price, we can offer our customers the fastest services and products with the best quality. We can become our clients' best-trusted partner for the lifetime.

Our History

Manufacturing engineering is rapidly growing and improving in the world. Hirata's mission is to provide our clients of different industries with highly-automated equipment to ensure that our clients' products are produced with high efficiency and of the best quality.


Taiwan Hirata Corporation was established.


G8 Robot was introduced.


The establishment of cleanrooms was completed.


We cooperated with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) for the mass production of Ebara CMP EFEM in Taiwan.


The second stage of cleanrooms expansion.


We cooperated with United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) and produced Hirata wafer sorter in Tainan. In 2016, the manufacturing of the product began in Xiamen, China.


We cooperated with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) by becoming the designated supplier for mass producing EFEM at the factory in Longtan.


We celebrated the 10th anniversary of Taiwan Hirata's establishment.


We cooperated with INNOLUX in the G8.6 project for supporting the mass production of Hirata Robot.